Global design local manufacturing

by: Jesse Asjes,, Providence USA, Marina Toeters and Rowan Verbraak,, Utrecht NL.

Process: Creating shape and volume by draping from knitted cloth informed and jsssjs to create a 4th dimension – dynamic knit. This wearable prototype has a volume that shape shifts and is tailored by local manufacturing. We question how you can design global and manufacture locally. From flat fabric to dimensional to inter- exchangeable shape shifting garments and interior pieces.

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Industrial programmed knit engineered to become dynamic. Developed in Providence RI, USA – Designed in Utrecht NL

Draped constructive knitted fabric enhances the need of volume on the body – material behavior and requirements become dynamic by the integration of interactive systems. A body shape and interior piece are integrated in the installation. Because the inventive clothe design in combination with the interactive system the fabric shapes very organic.

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Exhibition installation – 4th dimension Dynamic knit Focus on design and development worldwide





Written by Jesse Asjes

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