Marina Toeters • By-wire.net explored high-tech monitoring in combination with Alpaca yarn. JSSSJS Product Design was part of this process as knitwear consultant. Knowing the possibilities in knitwear and design resulted in this beautiful collection.


NazcAlpaca is researching how to combine the high quality of alpaca yarn with highly innovative wearable technology. Electrical components, silver fiber and alpaca yarn are brought together to become an interactive fashion item. A brand identity and 3d printed casings make sure to achieve a unique look and perfect fit of hard and soft materials. A male and a female version of the body-monitoring garment are made. Via tiny magnets the hardware is connected. An adjustable breathing sensor and hart-rate sensor are knitted in the garment. The NazcAlpaca app will guide you though your body monitoring and enables you to start exercising.

Written by Jesse Asjes