BLOOM - Smart surface for spatial acoustics  Waterman Gallery Providence

BLOOM – Smart surface for spatial acoustics
Waterman Gallery Providence

BLOOM regulates acoustic issues in spaces, by opening its large knitted surface to absorb sound waves when attenuation is needed. When reverberant sound is desirable, BLOOM closes up, to reduce its exposed surface area and permit increased reflection around the space that it inhabits.

In conceiving of this project, our team was captivated by the idea of a responsive, interactive acoustic cloud that can be folded as simply as origami paper, by using technical knits, smart materials, coded movement, and small printed components.

The geometry of the knitted origami surface is based on pedesis, wherein slightly dissimilar triangular shapes repeat in an aperiodic manner, thus absorbing a broad range of sound frequencies.

To date, we have made a small proof-of-concept prototype in New York City, but there is still much to discover. As this project evolves, we hope to discover how BLOOM might be installed in a variety of diverse environments, and observe how it might adapt to change the acoustics of spaces as people interact with it.

BLOOM – Prototype III 2015

Waterman Gallery RISD

Jesse Asjes – JSSSJS Product Design

Laura Wickesberg – WickesWerks LLC

Peter Yeadon – Yeadon Space Agency

Tangible Thinking Exhibition  – The intersection of Art, Design, Math And Sience

Production Assistance

Ru Chen, Robin Liu, Donny Starube, Heyi Wang


Written by Jesse Asjes

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